Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Next War - Operation Attila D+3 (NATO Land Move Finished)

With NATO command chain back to normality, the fighting in Central Europe continues....

NORTHAG Movements

North Army Group decided to focus on two strongpoints. 
The first is Hamburg, where 11th German Division and two Landwehr mech Brigades are entrenched. Mixed Bunderswehr brigades and elements from Danish Army hold the line North of the city.
Hamburg area, D+3 23:00 Zulu Time

The second strongpoint is of the course the Ruhr area, where French I Corps moved in defense with an impressive support in artillery, German reserve Regiments and the whole British 4th Division.
Moreover, NATO helicopters using NOE flying attacked every single crossroad and bridge East of their front line, making movement a nightmare for 1st Guards Tank Army.
The Ruhr area, D+3 23:00 Zulu Time
(the two Soviet airborne divisions landed in the Ruhr are in the only 2 hexes not occupied by NATO units)

Finally, a German airborne brigade was moved by helicopters at Kassel, taking back the undefended city.

CENTAG Movements

Not much happened in the Central Army Group area, except for US F4 and French Mirage making an heavy raid at Papa airport, Hungary. Despite taking several losses, the raid was able to destroy the SAM-2 battery covering the area and damage the airport staging several Soviet Mig-23 and the whole Hungarian air force. 
Frankfurt area, D+3 23:00 Zulu Time

SOUTHAG Movements

In South Army Group area, German II Corps retreated further West, while French II Corps formed a second line of defense behind them. German 1st alpine Division was unable to disengage and remained at Munich.
Munich area, D+3 23:00 Zulu Time

At nightfall of D+3, NATO situation does not look very good, but German reservists arrival gave NORTHAG some additional troops to hold the line.
Overall situation at D+3, 23:00 Zulu Time

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