Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Next War - Operation Attila, D+4 WP Land (2)


As usual, CENTAG front stayed quiet, with 8th Guards Army and USA V Corps watching each other.


13th Czech Armored Division destroyed the last brigade of German defenders,  allowing I Czech Army to secure the city.
Three division advanced beyond the Danube after forcing 10/4 mech Brigade to retreat, but were unable to push forward due to supply problems and fatigue.


Two Hungarian divisions encircled elements of 1st German Mountain Division entrenched in the Eastern part of the city and proceeded to attack them.
Cut out from their supply sources, the AlpenJaeger are forced to ration ammunition and surrendered after a final attack by the 5th Hungarian armored Division. Workers of Munich joined their Hungarian comrades in the streets to celebrate the liberation of the city.
The rest of the Hungarian Army failed to achieve any significant breakthrough.

Situation at D+5, 01:00 Zulu Time

Pressure against NORTHAG continued with good success, with six additional NATO brigades destroyed in the last 24 hours and 3 more surrounded.
In SOUTHAG, both Warsaw Pact armies still encountered several problems, but were nonetheless able to obtain significant strategic achievements with the capture of Nuremberg and Munich.


  1. Again, great stuff! This is one of my favorites. I used to play it quite a bit when I lived/worked in Germany back in the 80s. In 2000 I did a campaign game (AAR in Consimworld somewhere in the TNW folder) that ended with a Pact breakthrough in the north.

    Looks like something similar may be developing here!

    1. someone (ahem) more or less said, "every European has his motherland, the country where he was born, and Germany as his fatherland"
      Where did you live in Germany?

  2. Thank you! I think i've read some of your AAR posts before campaign started.
    Yes, my plan is obviously to smash NORTHAG but of course I cannot reveal too many details here.

    1. Yes, nothing like avoiding "transmitting in the clear." My opponent made two major mistakes in our game. He mixed up his air groups, thus lowering the overall interception/dogfight strengths. This allowed me to gain parity, if not control, over the critical central sector during the mid game period.

      I dropped the 76th Guards Airborne division near Groeningen in the Netherlands and he overreacted, sending most of his Dutch reserves to attack them. This left a back-stop line he was assembling on the Ems with no depth. I launched a major effort with 2d Guards Tank army and 20th Guards Army and broke through, getting Soviet ground forces onto Dutch soil.

      The Netherlands surrendered and his entire left flank was wide open.

    2. Luckily I don't have any issue with Dutch workers now, as they wisely refused to fight an imperialist war, forcing their American controlled government to withdraw the Dutch army back into Netherlands.
      On the other hand counterrevolutionary forces momentarily took control of the Polish government, betraying their Warsaw Pact comrades and keeping the whole army inside Poland. I am confident that this unacceptable situation will be corrected as soon as our armies are on the Rhine, but anyway this event dictated some of our strategical choice in the North Front sector.

  3. I had Czech counter-revolutionaries causing me trouble--I had to garrison the cities until Munich fell. The Italians were OK with defending, but were not going to leave Italian territory. That really helped things on the southern flank, especially as I was finishing off Austria.

    1. You just saved my Southern Front....I forgot that rule!! Nuremberg and Munich have been liberated this turn, so I have 1 additional Soviet division to throw in :)


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