Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Next War - Operation Attila D+6, WP Land

WP advance slowed down due to supply problems, but NATO interdiction effects has been mitigated by the use of Division organic supply...for now at least.

NATO Supply Interdiction

Despite the losses inflicted to NATO air forces by 16 Vozdushnaya Armiya, the Westerners still had enough Wild Weasel and ground strike airplanes to heavily attack WP supply lines.

The fragile East Germany transport network did not help. Particularly in the North, the supply lines for several Fronts are forced to share the same rail or road for several kilometers. The additional anti air assets deployed in those areas stripped the rest of the lines of much needed air defenses.

When the dust settled, NATO has interdicted every available supply source, forcing Pact's division to choose between attacking with limited supply or using up the precious, difficult to replace organic supply carried by every division.

WP Land Phase, NORTHAG

Into Hamburg 

2nd Guards Tank Army, reinforced by one additional Soviet tank division formerly on Czechoslovakia garrison duty, overran the Danish prepared positions and advanced into Hamburg's center.
The city inhabitants, left for six days with little or no food by NATO commanders, gratefully accepted the combat rations distributed by their comrades of 9th German Democratic Republic Tank Division.


Two divisions of 20th Guards attacked the surrounded 11/1 BAOR Brigade, forcing the British to surrender.

The rest of the Army reached the outskirts of Bremen after heavy fighting against elements of 11th German Tank Division. The Germans retreated into city after 12 hours of rough defense.
At sunset, the artillery regiments of the Army have been deployed in preparation for the attack to the city itself.

Southwest of Bremen, 3rd Shock Army destroyed the remnants of West Germany 3rd Division and advanced toward river Ems.

Crossing River Ems

1st Guards Tank Army focused on cleaning up Osnabruck area and crossing river Ems at Munster.

Surrounded elements of BAOR 2nd Armored Division were destroyed East of Osnabruck; at the same time, 3 divisions with heavy artillery support attacked and conquered the city after twelve hours of heavy fighting. NATO lost one BAOR brigade, Belgian I Corps HQ plus several support units.

At Munster, three attacking divisions overran the defending German Reserve Regiment and freed the city. A total of four Divisions crossed river Ems, ready to push forward.

WP Land Phase, CENTAG

As usual, nothing much happened in Central Army Group sector.

WP Land Phase, SOUTHAG


1st Czech Army consolidated its positions West of Nuremberg, securing the bridge over the Danube and cleaning up the autobahn to Wurzburg.


Two Hungarian Army divisions destroyed German 23/1 Mountain Brigade near Munich.
The rest of the Army pressed toward Augsburg, reaching the outer city limits and encircling German 11/4 Brigade.

Overall Situation at D+6, 20:00 Zulu Time

Warsaw Pact advance continued, even though the supply problems are slowing down several divisions. Half of Hamburg has been liberated and River Ems, the last natural obstacle before Rhine, has been crossed.


  1. So will NATO begin a lateral shift of forces to the north? Or perhaps use some of V or III US Corps to counter-attack the southern flank of the WP breakthrough?

    Seems like things are reaching a crisis in the north--the Dutch Army is a pretty slender reed upon which to base any sort of hopes!

    1. Quite indeed, NORTHAG is at its breaking point; unless something happens very quickly, it will be probably ovverrun.
      I have the opening titles for the Pravda's next issue ready :)

  2. Go Third Schock Army!

    1. The heroic comrades of 3rd Shock Army of the Armed Forces of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will not betray their mission to spread the Leninist Ideals of Revolutionary Socialism!

  3. Don't forget the VDV...


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