Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Next War - Operation Attila, D+8 WP Land Phase

In terms of territorial gains, the offensive slowed down due to supply problems, NATO paradrops in the rear areas and front overextension.
Despite that, progress are still good in the North sector and Soviet second echelon divisions are now entering East Germany, so I'm confident the scheduled timetable of Operation Attila will have no significant delays.

Operation Boreal Light - Invasion of Sjaelland

At 02:00 Zulu Time an airmobile force composed by 106th Guards Division and two Naval Infantry regiments embarked on MI-6 transport helicopters at Kaliningrad air base. Three hours later, the whole force debarked 30 kilometers South of Copenhagen.

Contrary to the expectations, the invasion force met a stiff resistance by Danish troops heavily supported by West German attack helicopters taking off from Bremen.
Moreover, the Danish made good use of their low quality but numerous anti aircraft assets to reduce WP ground support effectiveness.

After 15 hours of heavy fighting, the Soviet Marines were momentarily forced to a halt at the outskirts of the Danish capital.

Denmark, situation at 20:00 Zulu Time

North Front

Hamburg Isolated

The bulk of 2nd Guards Tank Army completed the encirclement of Hamburg and attacked NATO prepared positions in the Western part of the city; once again,Soviet troops were surprised by Danish determination and the attack failed to reach its daily objectives.

At the same time, 5th Tank Division attacked toward the Danish border.

Hamburg, situation at 20:00 Zulu Time

Festung Bremen

20th Guards Army completed the encirclement of Bremen, destroying a West Germany mech Brigade in the process. Inside the city the whole 11th German Division awaits, reinforced by the retreating 18/6 brigade.

Further West, 3rd Shock Army destroyed the remnants of Dutch 4th Division and moved past Oldenburg, cutting the Amsterdam - Bremen autobahn.
Bremen, 22:00 Zulu Time

Battle at the Dutch border

In the biggest battle of the war, nine divisions of 1st Guards Tank Army smashed into the new defense line of NEDEFOR (NEtherlands DEfense FORce), with both sides throwing in everything at hand.

When the dust settled, Warsaw Pact pincer has surrounded Dutch 1st Division and the remains of British 2nd Armored Division. achieving a penetration of 40 kilometers and entering Netherlands.

The Dutch government showed once more its wisdom, refusing to sacrifice the whole nation to the supremacy ambitions of United States. At 17:00 Zulu Time, the Dutch ambassador in Moscow delivered a formal request of separate peace to the representatives of the Union of  the Soviet Socialist Republics. The request was accepted, marking the beginning of a new era of prosperity for the People of Netherlands.

Unfortunately, in the previous days most of the Dutch army had been infiltrated by subversive warmongers paid by United States and Britain. As a result, almost every Netherlands unit refused to comply to the peace agreement and joined the so-called "Free Dutch Army".

Ruhr area, 22:00 Zulu Time

Central Front

As usual, Central Front was quiet.The American Army, always ready to ask its allies to endure the horrors of war, sits idle in front of Frankfurt.
CENTAG, 22:00 Zulu Time

South Front

Due to the French airdrop in Munich and the USA incursion in Nuremberg, South Front was forced to halt its push West in order to rectify the situation.

1st Czech Army brought 1/1A USA Brigade to its knees and reestablished the control over Nuremberg, while Hungarian Army surrounded the two French paratroop Brigades in Munich and destroyed West German 11/4 Brigade.

South Front, 22:00 Zulu Time

Strategic Overview at D8, 23:00 Zulu Time


  1. Very interesting, especially the Danes and Dutch holding on. In our game, both countries folded rather quickly, along with their armed forces. The Pact is going to have to work for this one.

    Also, keeping a reserve to handle anything the US or the French get up to will be a must--but I predict that the US is going to have to send troops north a la the Ralph Peters novel _Red Army_ to help shore things up.

    Our game ended with the Dutch surrender, which left a huge hole in the northern flank.

    1. Actually Dutch did surrender, but my opponent was smart enough to keep a NATO unit adjacent to every Dutch unit. That way, almost every unit joined the Free Dutch Army.

      Talking about Denmark, they will have two more chances to join the Socialist cause :)

  2. Someone here was asking if we use any playing aid, but i inadvertently deleted his comment...sorry!
    the answer is, the only aid we use is the famous crt analysis table, from MOVES #42


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