Friday, 2 October 2015

The Next War - Operation Attila D+9, NATO Land Phase (2)

Yes Comrades, we're still alive!
The progress has become painfully slow due to annoying real life events, but we're not giving up.

BTW, Just in case some of you have an insane curiosity about the real people behind the uniforms, here we are.


The situation in the Hamburg - Bremen sector didn't change much, with the surrounded NATO units entrenching and getting ready for the upcoming assault.

Hamburg - Bremen Situation, D+9 22:00 ZT

Further West, the newly formed Netherlands Defense Force (NEDEFOR) retreated behind the Rhine after being defeated on the Netherlands border, leaving the surrounded Dutch 1st Division to its fate.

Losses were replaced by US 3rd Armored Division from CENTAG, probably supported by an artillery brigade and mobile SAM.

NEDEFOR redeployment, D+9 22:00 ZT

In the Ruhr area, several West German brigades moved in reserve, leaving the burden of defense to French 4th Division only. Intelligence suggests they will be used to form a mobile reaction force in NEDEFOR rear area.

Ruhr area, D+9 22:00 ZT


US V Corps has been stripped of 3rd Armored Division and several support units, moved North to reinforce NORTHAG. The removed units have been partially replaced by units of French II Corps.

CENTAG, D+9 22:00 ZT


French II Corps has been removed from front area and is currently moving North. The whole burden of SOUTHAG defense has been left to a reduced US VII Corps and German II Corps.

SOUTHAG, D+9 22:00 ZT

Overall Situation at D+9, 22:00 Zulu Time

During the end phase of the turn, I had to face the first serious consequences of NATO's "Operation Hand of God". Due to the displacement of WP Front Supply Heads, most of my frontline artillery and flak regiments have now very limited or zero ammunition supply.

Luckily, in the next 24 hours two second line Armies will arrive from the Motherland, bringing their full complement of 8 artillery regiments and 8 mobile flaks. 

Forward, Comrades!


  1. Really like your AAR

    1. Thanks! WP Turn 8 started today, I hope to publish it in a couple of weeks. "Serious supply problems " will be the headline.....


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