Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Next War, Operation Attila - D+11, 1st Guards Tank Army -> GSFG report update

******************* RESTRICTED GSFG CMD STAFF ONLY ********************

FROM; 1st Guards Tank Army Cmd

TO: Group of Soviet Forces Germany Cmd

SUBJECT: Recent engagement in Arnhem urban area

******************* RESTRICTED GSFG CMD STAFF ONLY ********************

As requested, a detailed report of the recent events in Arnhem area follows:

  1. At D+10 23:00, NATO WG 2 MechDiv(-) began a disengagement attempt from 20G TankDiv
  2. At D+10 23:10, following directive GSFG/117, 20G TankDiv actively pursued the enemy retreating units, despite ammunition shortage.
  3. At D+11 02:11, 20G TankDiv ended pursuit, with NATO WG 2 MechDiv(-) retreating to Arnhem urban area under cover of NATO WG 12 MechDiv(-)
  4. At D+11 02:25, an estimated number of 100+ NATO AH-1 Cobra engaged 20G TankDiv with AT missiles.
  5. At D+11 03:20, with NATO AH still engaging, 20G TankDiv depleted its AA missiles stocks, after 17 confirmed enemy AH kills. 20G TankDiv was recently stripped of its accompanying SA-4 AA Btn due to recent directive GSFG/203 regarding redistribution of AA assets to the rear supply lines.
  6. At D+11 05:00, with NATO AH still engaging, 20G TankDiv reported a total loss of 94 T-72, 14 T-64, 80+ BMP-1, 800+ personnel and requested permission to retreat under 1GTA AA umbrella. The permission was granted by 1GTA CMD.
  7. At D+11 05:17, NATO WG 12 MechDiv(-) attacked the disengaging elements of 20G TankDiv(-), effectively destroying its efficiency as independent combat unit.
1GTA CMD advises a revision of directive GSFG/117 and suggests a more cautious approach when pursuing retreating enemy elements in range of known enemy AH airfields.

******************* END ********************


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