Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Next War, Operation Attila - D+12, WP Land Phase

Despite the all-out NATO air effort, the damage initially inflicted to the WP supply infrastructure by operation "Hand of God"  has been partially repaired. A thin flow of ammunition and fuel reached some of the Warsaw Pact armies, allowing them to resume the offensive in a couple of key sectors.

NORTHAG and Baltic

106th Guards Airborne Division in Sjaelland received airdrop supplies and assaulted Cophenagen airport with the support of four SU-19 squadrons. After 36 hours of battle, described by a Pravda embedded journalist as "ferocious beyond human comprehension", the surviving Danish defenders were able to maintain control over the airfield.

On the Kiel Kanal, two Divisions of 2nd Guards Tank Army encircled and destroyed the last Danish brigade outside Sjaelland, leaving the whole continental Denmark without defense.

Hamburg was finally liberated by the 2nd Guards Tank Army, with the decisive support of artillery of the newly arrived 5th Guards Tank Army.

Hamburg received the status of Independent City, and a provisional Bürgermeister has been elected by the parliament members still available. Thousands of prostrated citizens poured into the streets to celebrate the end of a nightmare; many of them, previously trapped in the areas held by NATO, received assistance in the several food distribution points established by Red Army inside the city .

Hamburg area situation, D+12 22:00 ZT

In Bremen area, combined effort of 3rd Shock and 20th Guards Armies destroyed the remains of WG 5th Armored Division and a German Reserve mechanized regiment.
Moreover, 10th Guards Tank Division cut the supply line used by Oldenburg defenders, leaving them with local reserves of ammunition only.
Bremen area Situation, D+12 22:00 ZT

In Netherlands, 1st Guards Tank Army destroyed Dutch 1st Mech Division with a concentric assault of six divisions. Unfortunately, the intense fighting brought the whole army at critical levels regarding artillery and tank ammunition.
1st Guards Tank Army situation, D+12 22:00 ZT


As usual, CENTAG area had been quiet in the last 48 hours.


In Munich area, two Hungarian Army divisions with 6th Army artillery support retook control of the city, forcing the last brigade of French paratroopers to surrender. Once again, NATO showed the world how little it cares about its soldiers' life.

The rest of the Hungarian Army advanced West, freeing Augsburg and destroying several enemy SAM sites along its path.
Hungarian Army situation, D+12 22:00 ZT

1st Czech Army received a good amount of supplies and used them to destroy WG 24/1 Alpine Brigade and to occupy Wurzburg. During D+12 night, the whole army regrouped and reorganized, concentrating six division South of Wurzburg and getting ready for a new push to the West.
1st Czech Army situation, D+12 22:00 ZT

Overview at D+12, 22:00 Zulu Time

Strategic Situation at D+12, 22:00 ZT


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  2. Wow...that line in the Netherlands is looking a bit weak! How long before USAREUR starts shifting around some US assets?

    1. Actually, it's stronger than it seems...the main front is formed by divisions; moreover, US III Corps has already significant forces NortWest of Ruhr area. Even with full supply, breaking it will be quite hard.

  3. I'm detecting a definite WP bias in this account. ;)

    1. Not at all! Only documented, verified facts!
      The truth, plain and simple, following the long-standing tradition of Pravda!

  4. I've played this game, I've played several others (NATO, NATO the Next War, Red Storm etc.) and the line as shown above is pretty typical around the end of War's second week. I would say, the Pact actually looks to be in mediocre shape, given the current situation.

    1. I have my bag of problems, supply in particular, and NATO is doing a good job at making them worse :-)


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