Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Next War - Operation Attila, D+8 Air Phase

Our campaign goes on, even though very slowly as NATO player is currently busy in Peking....maybe he is trying to convince China to make a surprise attack in the far east ?

Air War

Air war was quite surprisingly uneventful.

NATO threw its whole air power in North Sector, while Warsaw Pact chose Baltic and Central Sector. No dogfights at all.

Despite the no-show, this development will have several effects on the next 48 hours of combat:
  1. USA Reforger troops scheduled for turn 7 must be moved by ship, delaying them to turn 10
  2. WP supply network is going to function at its full capacity in Central Sector
  3. WP plans regarding Denmark are no longer a secret
  4. WP should reinforce AA defenses near key bridges and road junctions in North Sector to contain the incoming waves of NATO ground attack missions.

NATO Supply Interdiction

NATO fighter-bombers made quick work of Pact's supply network in the North Sector, interdicting 3 Front Supply Heads.

Pact's lines of supply in Central and South sectors were unharmed; of course, whenever possible their supplies will be diverted to the spearhead armies in Northern Germany.

Secret Agreement on Chemical Weapons

Despite the ongoing conflict, diplomatic channels between NATO and Warsaw Pact were left open, primarily to help defusing a more than possible escalation to an all-out nuclear war.

Soviet Ambassador at London delivered a note to British Prime Minister stating that "Warsaw Pact ground forces will from now on avoid any combat use of persistent and non-persistent chemical weapons. In case of utilization of said weapons by NATO, the aforementioned restrictions  will be immediately removed ."

Some NATO officers noted the use of the words "ground forces" and "combat use" in the Soviet dispatch. Anyway, after a quick consultation SHAEF sent a non encrypted message to all Headquarters stating that "the previous release order regarding utilization of chemical weapons against Warsaw Pact troops is revoked."