Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Next War, Operation Attila - D+13, NATO Land Phase

NATO continued to regroup its divisions along the whole front.
This strategy allowed the creation of a very strong Main Battle Area, but forced SHAEF to forfeit deep defense and retreat in CENTAG and SOUTHAG sectors.


US III Corps was reinforced by elements of the newly arrived UK 3rd Mobile Division. 
NEDEFOR situation, D+13 2300 ZT

Moreover, the WG III Corps - US V Corps boundary was shifted to counter several 1st Guards Tank Army divisions marching South of the Ruhr during the night.
NORTHAG situation, D+13 2300 ZT


The whole Army Group retreated just East of Frankfurt, regrouping the majority of its divisions.
CENTAG situation, D+13 2300 ZT


French II Corps regrouped all its divisions and took charge of the Main Battle Area, while the surviving elements of WG II Corps formed a reserve force around Karlsruhe.
SOUTHAG situation, D+13 2300 ZT

Strategic Situation at D+13, 2300 ZT