Thursday, 5 July 2018

Less Than 60 Miles - Development (2)

Some screenshots about Thin Red Line Games' next release, titled C3: Less Than 60 Miles.

The game is still in development - Unit values and graphics are temporary, and combat is resolved by umpire decision and not by tables. Basically, we're refining the Command, Control and Communication mechanisms.

The scenario being used now has Warsaw Pact achieving a complete operational surprise, with NATO forces starting to assemble only 2 hours before hostilities begin.

Warsaw Pact Plan is to advance on the Bad Hersfeld - Alsfeld - Giessen axis with 2 divisions, with Southern flank covered by 57th Guards MRD advancing on the Fulda - Lauterbach - Gedern axis. 79th Guards Tank Division will act as Operational Maneuver Group and exploit any breakthrough.

NATO plan is basically Generals Balck and Von Mellenthin proposed plan, where the  Soviet attack should be channeled along a chosen route and destroyed by counterattacks on flank and rear areas.

That said, I've made some questionable decision about NATO movement orders....the final result is that 8th Guards forward elements will probably engage a totally unprepared WG 14/5 Panzer Brigade at 1400 ZT.

V Corps Sector Overview at 1000 Zulu Time (6 hours after war outbreak)

3/11 ARMCAV trying to districate itself from the attack.
27th Guards MRD Engineer building a Ribbon Bridge over Fulda river.

57th Guards MRD crossing Fulda river and turning North to cover the flank of main attack.
Near Steinau, bridges have been mined by NATO, while US 2/3 ARM Brigade just arrived in position.