Monday, 8 March 2021

1985: Sacred Oil - Maps Details

The maps for 1985: Sacred Oil are almost finished....Here's a preview of each map, with some minor details still missing.

Defining the terrain types has been interesting, as there's almost nothing comparable to a "European" terrain. As strange as it sounds, mountains are not mountains, lakes are not lakes, and plains are, well, not plains :)

I hope I'll be able to post a complete map overview soon and start some serious work on the OOBs...Meanwhile, if you'd like to reserve a copy, report for duty by writing at!

Map F, Tehran and Caspian Sea Area

Map G, Baghdad and Iran - Iraq Border Area

Map H, Iran Ahvaz Area

Map J, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Map K, The Strait and Bandar Abbas

Friday, 12 February 2021

1985: Sacred Oil - More Maps

With The Dogs of War offensive now ending, work on 1985: Sacred Oil is restarting!

Three of the six maps are almost finished, even though several details are still provisional (exact colours, map junctions and more). I must say I'm very happy with the result.

The Persian Gulf area has several distinctive geographical features, so new terrain types have been added:

  • Iranian Highlands: Broken terrain, with little or no roads and a 2000+ meters altitude
  • Desert: this covers sandy desert, rocky desert and the salt desert found in several Iranian areas.
Mountain roads are another interesting aspect: Alexis Seydoux, who visited Iran more than 20 times and knows it better than a Guard of the Revolution, pointed out that several major roads are actually only slightly better than mule trails when crossing the highest mountain passes. Consequently, some roads will abruptly end exactly when they are more needed :)

Here's the three completed maps together, and a more detailed view of the Shiraz area on Map J (with some development labels still on it).

Maps F, H and J (Open Link in a new Tab for full resolution)

Bushehr - Shiraz Area Detail