Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Next War - Operation Attila D+9, NATO Land Phase (1)

Judging by the events at the beginning of NATO Land Phase, I presume SHAEF acquired a copy of our "Evaluation of possible NATO Defense Strategies" secret dossier and found it quite useful.

Operation Hand of God

Starting at D+9, 04:00 Zulu Time, NATO air-to-ground attacks against WP Front Supply Heads dramatically increased, for a total of 100 sorties in North Air Sector in the last 12 hours.

Subsequent interceptions of NATO encrypted messages enabled Soviet intelligence to connect the increased sortie rate to a new operation code named "Hand of God".

Despite a strong flak cover, the effects on Warsaw Pact's supply system were quite heavy. In some cases, the final 150 km of the supply lines have been completely devastated.
The attacks on the Front Supply Heads were also supported by surgical strikes against key bridges.

NATO air losses have been moderate. with less than 10 planes shot down and several dozens damaged.

Operation Hand of God - Arrows are FSH displacements due to air attacks