Friday, 16 September 2016

The Next War, Operation Attila - D+15, NATO Land Phase

Summer ceasefire is over, and we're back in the wreck covered, blood soaked West German Plains.

The thin but steady flow of reinforcements allowed NATO to further consolidate the Rhine - Ruhr - Frankfurt defense line. Will it be enough to stop the upcoming Warsaw Pact offensive codenamed "Operation Red Sickle" ?


Netherlands Defense Force line was moved 40 km West, placing Amsterdam on the front line.

The two newly arrived UK divisions together with the survivors of Belgian I Corps were used to reform the British Army Of the Rhine: the name is to be taken literally, as the main defense line is now the 500 meters wide river.

NEDEFOR and BAOR deployment, D+15 2100 ZT

French I Corps and West German III Corps remained in charge of Ruhr defense.
Artillery Brigades and Electronic Warfare units from every NATO member were repositioned to support and cover the whole NORTHAG Forward Battle Area.

NORTHAG deployment, D+15 2100 ZT

2nd ATAF launched "Operation Angry Boar" - an all-out air offensive against 2nd Guards Tank Army, with 700 fixed and rotary wing aircrafts making more than 1500 sorties against DDR 7th  Panzer and 66th divisions. Luckily, bad weather hampered enemy operations and the two divisions incurred only in moderate losses.

Operation Angry Boar, D+15


Since the start of the hostilities, the government of the so-called Federal Republic of Germany put in place a forced reserve recruitment system, calling to arms even unfortunate refugees who already lost everything in the war. This ruthless mechanism provided a constant flow of young and inexperienced recruits, now used to rebuild several destroyed German divisions and reform West German I Corps. 

The Corps, probably formed by 2-3 German divisions and US 3rd Armored Division, was assigned to the defense of the 100km front South of the Ruhr.
KGB HumInt sources suggest that it could actually be assigned to the execution of a counterattack against 2nd Guards Tank Army.

CENTAG deployment, D+15 2100 ZT

North of Frankfurt, US 1/2AD Brigade attacked DDR 4th Panzergrenadier Division, reopening the supply line for the encircled US 1st Mechanized Division.

US 1/2AD counterattack, D+15 1400 ZT


In the South, French II Corps retreated further West to consolidate its line. Two West German reservist regiments were used to block possible encirclement maneuvers by Hungarian Army.

SOUTHAG deployment, D+15 2100 ZT

Strategic Situation at D+15, 21:00 Zulu Time

The sun went down, the pieces are all set. Operation Red Sickle is planned to start at D+16, 0300 Zulu Time.


  1. Now is the time for the cockroaches of Commie dum to be thrown back to the Stone Ages!! Forward all freedom loving peoples!

    1. Pure propaganda! The history of capitalism is moving toward the unavoidable conclusion foreseen by Karl Marx.

    2. Like Karl Marx, soon the Reds will be nothing but lawn fertilizer!!! Surrender now and we may let you keep Moscow as a museum!!!

    3. In the Red Army, surrender is not an option!

  2. Most of FRG is in Warsaw Pact hands. I fear that tactical nukes will be used soon.

    1. Nope, we ruled them out as both considered their use pointless. But our house rules states that Warsaw Pact must obtain a complete, political victory (occupation of practically whole West Germany and disintegration of NATO), otherwise he simply loses.

  3. I can't remember. Did you roll for Netherlands surrender?

    Looks very like the Hackett scenario in his book (at least until now).

    1. Yes, Netherlands surrendered but all Dutch units became Free Dutch Army due to NATO units near it didn't make any real difference.

    2. Yes, Netherlands surrendered but all Dutch units became Free Dutch Army due to NATO units near it didn't make any real difference.

    3. That's what I thought. Getting a bit dicey for them, I'd say.

  4. Fabrizio:

    Awhile ago I think I saw a copy of some extra counters for this game depicting the missing Italian Divisional HQs. You ever seen them?

    1. I vaguely remember having seen them a while ago, but my memory fails on the details...Sorry.


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