Friday, 17 January 2014

The Next War - Operation Attila - D+0

Following Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in October, 1979, the relationships between the Western and the Communist blocks begins to deteriorate quickly.

As both sides frantically try to cool down the crisis using diplomatic channels, at April 26, 1980 North Korea brings the tension to new levels by attacking southward.

With more and more diplomatic options closing every hour, the contingency plans for an all-out European conflict are put into effect and both sides start mobilisation and troop movements.

At May 2, 1980, after 4 days of sabre-rattling, Warsaw Pact is ready to cross the border and put an end to the Cold War.


  1. Love it. I just kicked off a game on NATO Div commander.

    1. Thank you Hipshot. BTW, NATO division commander is a game I have to try sooner or later!


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