Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Next War - Operation Attila - Startup

We have been playing "The Next War" by SPI for more than 30 years, and we're now starting a new game!
Here's some specs:


Tension Campaign Game

Optional Rules

Everything except Naval Game

House Rules

Stocked Supply

With the original supply rules, WP and NATO units are fully supplied in the initial 3-4 turns, no matter what; this doesn't make any sense as a 1st line WP division doesn't take with us 6 days of supply (ammo, fuel, food, everything) while moving at full speed thru west germany.
Our house rule states that, even in the first 3 (WP) or 4 (NATO) turns, a division must trace a standard supply path to an HQ in order to be in full supply status. The HQ itself doesn't need to trace a supply path of any sort.

SSM delivered chemicals

SSM delivered chemicals are removed at the end of the ensuing air war phase. This way their effect extends even on airplanes in an airport, rendering them useless.
The SSM chemicals effect decreases over time in the following manner:
  • war turn 1: airplanes in an airport hit by SSM chemicals cannot be used
  • war turn 2: airplanes in an airport hit by SSM chemicals have 50% chance of being operational
  • war turn 3: airplanes in an airport hit by SSM chemicals have 75% chance of being operational
  • war turn 4 on: airplanes in an airport hit by SSM chemicals have 100% chance of being operational

Flak vs Helipcopter  in ground combat defense

In a ground combat, all flak stacked with the attacking unit is considered to be at range 0 against defender helicopters used in combat air support.
This rule deny invulnerability to helicopters moving in ground defense support using NOE flying

Different Size Units

No +2 dice roll modifier for combat between different size units. 
In our opinion, the difference in size is already simulated by the different combat values

Electronic Warfare

NATO EW works with a die roll of 1-4
WP EW works with a die roll of 1-3


  1. Please keep posting, I just purchased this game on eBay and it's great to see it being played

    1. Don't worry, the only reason for this pause is a quite complicated WP land phase, but now we've almost update is on the way, and Pravda will soon publish some good news about the struggle against the Fascist Capitalists!


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