Wednesday, 4 October 2017

1985: "Forward, Comrades!" Campaign Game Playtest

We are now beginning the playtest for the main "1985: Under an Iron Sky" campaign, titled "Forward, Comrades!". 

The campaign depicts the "classical" Warsaw Pact offensive in Central Europe, with a variable preparation period decided by Warsaw Pact.

As Warsaw Pact Commander I've decided to follow the good ol' John Hackett's plan: a strong attack against NORTHAG, along a Braunschweig - Hannover - Osnabrück  - Arnhem axis, followed by a conversion South in order to envelope the Ruhr area. Nothing less ambitious would be accepted by the State Committee of the State of Emergency in Moscow (My God, how did they choose such a definition?).

I'll keep preparation and build-up at a minimum (48 hours, 1 turn) and declare war on Turn 2, in order to take NATO still off-balance. Starting from turn 3, reinforcements from US and other NATO countries start arriving in Europe too fast, and for that time I want the Soviet fleet already at war and keeping NATO busy with GIUK Gap and North Atlantic lanes defense; with a bit of luck, it will slow down REFORGER long enough.

Regarding Warsaw Pact allies Mobilization, I'll see how many of them are happy about the People's War of Liberation from the Capitalist Oppression before deciding. The last thing I need is a revolt in East Germany or Poland.

I have no clue on NATO Commander's plan at the moment, but I presume he will follow the "Forward Defense" political diktat in CENTAG area, and maybe a more fluid approach in NORTHAG.

Here's some snapshots of the complete setup:

Overview - three 95x65cm maps, more or less 2000 pieces.



So, it begins.

Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, ready to liberate West German Workers from their slavery.


  1. The maps look amazing, I'll be interested to know how you integrate the air element and paradrop operations?

    1. Someone asked a similar question on Consimworld forums, I'll paste my answer from there :)

      Air War in general has two main phases:


      Player have a variable number of Air Superiority chit and alternate in placing them on the map, each one representing the "commitment" to obtain air superiority in a 4-hexes range area from the chit.

      After chit placement, each player secretly allocates air squadrons to ANY air superiority area on the map. It doesn't matter WHO originally placed the chit.

      Players resolve Air superiority combat, and one of them actually OBTAINS air superiority in the area. Air Superiority Areas give the following advantages:
      - It's easier to intercept enemy air missions inside the area
      - It's easier to defend (escort) friendly air missions in the area
      - Enemy helicopters flying into the area could be shot down
      Over specific areas (for example, POMCUS sites), they delay or cancel enemy reinforcements,
      block enemy amphibious landings, paradrops, etc.


      During the friendly or enemy action phase, each player may launch air missions (SEAD, Wild Weasel, Ground Strike, Ground Support, Transport) with ANY hex as a target, assign an escort and fly to the target.
      Enemy player may launch an intercept mission to shoot down / force the mission to abort.

      Paradrop air missions are conducted in a separate phase at the beginning of the action phase, while helicopter transport of airmobile troops may be executed at any time during the friendly action phase. NATO also has Antitank Airmobile battalions that can be deployed just before a Pact Assault on a defensive position.

      Air War also includes Offensive ECM squadrons (EF-111 and Yak28 PP), AWACS and A50 Mainstay, Wild Weasel squadrons

  2. I have already demanded that you take my money. I just want to let you know this was a great presentation, and I look forward to more of your work on this project.

    1. Thank you PM! We're almost at the goal line, but don't hold your breath :-)

    2. Wait! He shouldn't take any money since he already stated that he is going to free the Workers of the West. I think we should all get a copy for free as part of the Soviet Socialist Revolution!! YUS!

    3. Comrades, unfortunately the sabotage of the last quinquinnal plan by American agents will force the local Soviets to cancel the free distribution of games.
      On the other hand, comrade Brezhnev announced that potato harvest increased by 133%, as production of vodka and tractors! An era of prosperity is at hand!

  3. hold on to Nuremberg (Nurnberg) boys for the Honor of the 1ST AD


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