Friday, 27 October 2017

1985: Under an Iron Sky - "Forward, Comrades!" Campaign Playtest

A quick update on the second run of playtest for "Forward, Comrades!" campaign game. 

The first run stopped at turn 3 and brought the introduction of "Interception Areas": mega-hexes of 61 regular hexes each used to determine the probability of intercepting an enemy Air Mission and to evade enemy interceptors.

In this second run, Warsaw Pact started hostilities at game turn 2; the main thrust is in the NORTHAG area, with 3 Armies attacking between Braunschweig and Hamburg.

NATO decided to follow the official "Forward Defense" policy and to avoid any tactical retreat whenever possible. 

Warsaw Pact's Attack Axis during Game Turn 2 (first turn of war)

NORTHAG area situation at the end of Game Turn 2

View from Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, end of Game Turn 2


  1. Many, many years ago when I was playing in 1 Br Corps for real, our major exercises usually developed on the lines of having to plug a collapse of our southern Corps front....

    1. Belgian I Corps is a good target for a determined attack by 3rd Shock Army, but to tell the truth when playing Warsaw Pact my first objective is almost always crippling BAOR defensive capabilities since the start :)
      May I ask in which unit did you serve?

    2. HAC, One of the Corps Patrol Units along with 21 and 23 SAS. Basically the UK reserve LRRP group for I Br Corps

    3. Very interesting unit! We considered having some rules for stay-behind and target acquisition SF units, but in the end it added too much complication to an already complicated game.

    4. Ha! There wer't many of us and I don't think we would have had a long life, especially as we were the eyes for 50 Missile Regt RA....


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