Saturday, 21 October 2017

1985: Under an Iron Sky - Some countersheets

Someone asked me a preview of the you will find:

  • Countersheet 2 (some US, Belgium, Canada, France, Denmark and Netherlands counters)
  • Countersheet 6 (some USSR and Poland counters)
For better viewing, click on the image and then save it on you local disk.

Countersheet 2 

Countersheet 6


  1. They are wonderful, keep up the great work. I am looking forward to throwing my money at you soon.

  2. Hello,
    Just a question : why did you choosed to stack flag with symbol rather to add it in a corner ?

    1. That's because both unit designation (left) and type (top) are in some cases quite long, and I didn't want the flag to overlap with one of them. The unit symbol remains more than readable even with a small corner covered by the flag, so it was sacrificed for a greater good :)

    2. thanks Fabrizio
      Is publishing always targeted for end of the year?

    3. Yes, I think we could make it (cross fingers).
      The only things still in progress are playtest, scenario booklet and designer's notes. Everything else is more or less in its final version.

  3. Would love to see a copy of the rules. Any idea on a price, or will you be distributing free copies for the greater Glory of mother Russia?

    1. TML, the price should be around 200$ but we're waiting for more details about the printing costs....

      Free copies are reserved to members of the Communist Party Of The Soviet Union which joined before 1980. Send me a scan of your CPSU card and a certified recording of yourself singing "Be glorious, our free Fatherland!" and I'll add you to the list.

  4. Hello Fabrizio,

    Just studied your countersheets, and I see that you make the mistake that a lot of foreigners make, about the Dutch Divisional structure. Counter to expectations, and practise, in the US and UK, NL divisions were supposed to operate as sort of minicorps\kampfgruppe HQ. The brigades were the principal manouvre units. And also there were provisions to "bracket" the older reservists units (all with 5th Division numbers) within the active duty 1st and 4th Division units. So i.e. our 1st Division would probably be fighting with the 11, 43, 53 PainfBrig (armoured infantry brigades) and the 13 PaBrig (tank brigade) and attached units. Which means that it would have three units (11, 43 and 13) 80% active on day 1, which would rise to 100% on day 2 (from "short leave" reservists streaming back) and then would get the 53 (older reservists, with older equipment) unit on day 3 or 4. See this site for all the ins and outs:
    So if you are willing, and still able, to change this, that would be much appreciated ;)

    1. Hi Clydwich and thanks for your interest in our Dutch OOB :)
      I know the site you're referring to as I've consulted it during the initial research for the OOBs.

      NATO Player may choose to follow the organization you described for NL I Corps, as Dutch brigades have independent logistical infrastructure and are not forced to get supply from their parent divisional unit. So, if NATO Player wants 11, 43, 53 and 13 brigades to defend an area as a "Kampfgruppe", he may do so.

      On the other hand, should NATO player decide to recombine 1st Mech Division, he cannot remove whatever brigades he wants and place the division on the map, but must use the brigades nominally forming 1st Mech division (11,12,13).

      Regarding the mobilization time, our schedule is a bit more pessimistic than yours, but only by one or two days.


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